It’s with great pride that we announce our new website, a division of Edward J. Zarach & Associates. A service that is for the hunter, by the hunter, we have a unique and expert perspective in the logistics industry. Our goal is to help hunts, outfitters, and taxidermists navigate the ever-expanding red tape that permeates trophy shipping and bring home a valuable reminder of your hunt.

Dedicated to shipping and importing your hunting trophies back to the united states, we have a vault of useful tips, guidelines and information that can guide you through the planning and preparation stages. As hunters we have real experience working with the bureaucratic agencies and professional organizations, but as a division of Edward J. Zarach & Associates we’re committed to providing the best guidance, service and information to protect and educate our clients.

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of your hunting trip. We can work with your outfitter and taxidermist to make sure the only worry you have, is making your shot. Check out our handy guide 5 Steps to a Successful Hunt if you’re looking for a place to start or fill out our questionnaire to open a dialog about your needs and how we can start to help you plan your epic event! is dedicated to helping you ensure that the trophy you earn finds it way safely back to your door!