When the memory fades, the trophy lasts forever.

First and foremost, we’re hunters, too. Trophy Shippers understands what goes into planning the hunt of a lifetime because we’ve taken that trip. Every hunt is a unique experience that can grow outrageously complex as the process unfolds. Because we hunt, we understand that process; because we’re freight forwarders, we know how to get that process right and ensure your trophy arrives at your door promptly and perfectly. As a division of Edward J. Zarach & Associates, we’re dedicated to providing the best customer service and logistics solutions that are finely tailored to the needs of the hunter, the outfitter, and the taxidermist.

We’ll use our decades of experience and first-hand expertise in trophy hunting to help you navigate, prepare, and execute the documentation element of your event. The only concern that you have is making the shot.

Our Experience Smooths the Path

After much debate with myself on whether or not I should attempt to handle the transport and paperwork on my own for my daughters trophies from Namibia, my smarter side won out and I contacted Tom. No regrets whatsoever, worth every penny, and I’ll hire him for all of my future trophy transport needs. My PH had already dropped the animals off with a shipper in Namibia, who had then contacted me. I called Tom, he explained the process, and said he could take it from there. I forwarded him the information from the shipper and Tom did take care of the rest. I also asked what it would cost to get the crate from Houston to my house just outside of San Antonio. That quote was less than what a day off from work would cost me, plus diesel for my truck, toll road fees, my meals for the trip, not too mention 3 hours each way in a 1995 F350 tank of a truck. Package was delivered to my garage, Emily signed for it, and that was that. 

I honestly don’t know how much easier Tom could make it for you when it comes to getting your trophies home, safe and sound.
Tom. I’ll be calling you soon to coordinate on the next trip. Sure appreciate everything that you did and I can’t tell you how much stress you saved me having to deal with.  THANK YOU!

D. Smith